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Mean height
Body-mass index (BMI)
Mean BMI
Prevalences of adult BMI categories
BMI (kg/m²)
< 18.5 18.5-20 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-40 ≥ 40
Number of adults in BMI categories
Prevalences of child and adolescent BMI categories
BMI (SDs from the median of the WHO growth reference)
<(-2)SD (-2)SD-(-1)SD (-1)SD-1SD 1SD-2SD >2SD
Number of children and adolescents in BMI categories
Prevalence of diabetes
Number of adults with diabetes
Blood Pressure (BP)
Mean systolic BP
Mean diastolic BP
Prevalence of raised BP
Number of adults with raised BP
Mean total cholesterol
Mean HDL cholesterol
Mean non-HDL cholesterol
Projections for 2025
Estimated Prevalence in 2010 Projection for 2025 Probability of meeting global target
Female Male Female Male Female Male